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Unitron Moxi Now

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Unitron Moxi Now

World's smallest RIC hearing aid

Most advanced features

At just 20.2 mm tall and 6.5 mm wide, the Moxi Now is the smallest hearing aid in its class. But don't be fooled by the size. This tiny digital hearing aid is loaded with today's most advanced features to help you hear your best, even in noisy environments.

  • Practically invisible behind the ear. With its small size and amazing comfort, you’ll never wear a different hearing aid again.
  • Adjusts automatically to every listening environment. Go from home to work to an evening out and always hear your best!
  • Full wireless compatibility for streaming functionality & remote control.

Powered by Tempus

Built on Unitron's new Tempus™ platform, this discreet hearing aid seamlessly locates and optimizes sound for a natural, fluid hearing experience even in difficult listening situations like conversations in crowds.

Revolutionary technology provides the user the ability to hear speech from any direction, even in noise and crowds.

With intelligent SoundCore technology the four features work together to understand a patient's listening environment and to make fluid adjustments.


  • Tempus™ platform
  • SoundCore
  • SpeechPro
  • Sound Conductor
  • Spatial Awareness

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