Unitron Hearing Aids

We carry a full line of Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Moxi

Designed to never miss a moment

The design of the Moxi family isn’t the only thing that will get patients talking. This lineup, designed with patient needs front and center, includes two of the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles. Plus, every Moxi is driven by Tempus, the platform that’s best in conversations. Style that gets their attention. Sound that keeps them happy. That’s Moxi.

Unitron Moxi - Sandia Hearing Aids

Unitron Stride

The best conversations are a Stride away

There’s lots of excitement around the Stride family of behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. Driven by Tempus, and equipped with the impressive aesthetics, comfortable fit and intuitive controls that patients love, Stride is the family you can trust to make today’s patients very happy.

Unitron Stride - Sandia Hearing Aids

Unitron Max

Over-amplification is over

Meet Max – the only Super Power hearing instrument that fights over-amplification to protect hearing health, while also maximizing speech intelligibility. Max delivers high-performance features in both a Super Power BTE with a 675 battery and a Super Power mini BTE with a 13 battery. Both styles are developed with the power to stand up to water, corrosion and extreme elements.

Unitron Max - Sandia Hearing Aids