Phonak Una

Implements the unique capabilities of biological systems.

Phonak Una

The masterpiece of hearing performance

Una is based on Digital Bionics. Inspired by nature, Digital Bionics implements the unique capabilities of biological systems. Una offers excellent sound quality at an affordable price. Una feels comfortable right from the start and ensures immediate user acceptance. As part of the Phonak family, Una features exclusive and reliable technology that improves the quality of life significantly. With a high value-to-cost ratio Una makes Digital Bionics available for everyone. Una hearing systems also offer a range of remote controls and FM options.

General Features


Your new Una hearing system uses the very latest advances in digital hearing technology. Una provides the highest sound quality and hearing comfort in many of hearing situations. High-tech has turned highly sophisticated hearing systems into convenient devices that are easy to use. Una is a quality product developed by the Swiss company Phonak, a world leader in hearing technology, innovation and reliability. With proper care and usage, your Una hearing system will support your hearing and understanding for many years.

Una is the 1st choice in the entry level market offering a unique range of features for its class. AudiogramDirect and the Fitting Wizard ensure a fast and precise fitting in office and off site. DataLogging gives access to real life usage data for individualized counseling. BassBoost provides power BTE and ITE users a fuller and more natural sound experience. The new SmartGuard membrane based wax protection system guarantees maximum protection against wax and moisture in custom products.

Features & Benefits

Una hearing instruments are available in many colors. The design integrated mini FM receiver (ML9S) and the audio shoe for the new MicroMLxS are available for BTE’s. MyLink FM receiver is compatible with all Una models with t-coil, including custom products. The Una product family is available in a complete range of products, from CIC to Power ITE and BTE models with BassBoost.

Fitting software

  • iPFG version 1.7 or higher, NOAH compatible


  • PC (IBM compatible) with NOAHlink and/or HI-PRO interface

Key Features

  • Fully programmable digital hearing system
  • 4 channels
  • AudioZoom
  • DataLogging
  • EasyPhoneplus – automatic activation of telephone program, for custom products
  • Modern design
  • Digital Noise Canceler
  • BassBoost – additional audibility in both BTE and custom power solutions
  • Flexible fitting – choice of Sound Delivery System
  • Feedback Phase Inverter
  • OpenSound fitting
  • Mute mode
  • Up to 4 manually accessible hearing programs
  • Acoustic confirmation for all manual interventions
  • End of battery-life indicator
  • Delayed Start-up
Fitting Range
The Una fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.
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