Phonak Solana

The perfect balance between performance and price.

Phonak Solana

Phonak Solana makes its mark in the mid-range with advanced user interaction and an impressive package of enhanced features. The perfect balance between performance and price, we believe that Phonak Solana will forever change the way the world perceives a mid-range hearing system.

General Features


Phonak Solana, with new Spice+ processing, offers a complete range of BTE instruments and custom products for hearing instrument users with mild to profound hearing losses. While users benefit from discreet styles, wireless applications, FM connectivity and flexible control, features based on Spice+ technology offer truly binaural directionality and intelligent, adaptive interaction.

The business of hearing delight

Phonak Solana makes its mark in the mid range, with unique binaurality, advanced user interaction, and an impressive package of enhanced features. The perfect balance between performance and price, we believe that Phonak Solana will forever changethe way the world perceives a mid-range hearing system.

Phonak Solana fitting range

Phonak Solana fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, all audiometric configurations.


  • iF Design Award - Phonak hearing aid wins iF product design award 2011
Features & Benefits

Thanks to directional performance and loudness management, Phonak Solana is an outstanding business class choice and completes the Phonak Spice Generation portfolio offering hearing delight for everyone.


ZoomControl - Directional listening
ZoomControl offers a truly exclusive end-user benefit – the ability to choose in which direction to focus hearing. ZoomControl achieves this by combining real-audio streaming between two hearing instruments with directional beamforming. In situations where wearers are unable to face the speaker, they can choose to focus to the right, left, back or front.

UltraZoom Advanced

Directional microphone technology reinvented
Directional microphone technology is a proven method of effectively improving speech intelligibility in background noise. UltraZoom Advanced, a sophisticated adaptive multichannel microphone system, applies a unique directional noise cancellation system called SNR-Boost.

FlexVolume - Solana

FlexVolume - Solana
More than volume control, intelligent control

Phonak Solana takes sophistication in the mid-range even further with FlexVolume. Unlike the more traditional linear ‘up and down’ shifts in gain, FlexVolume shapes the gain curve in a frequency-dependent manner. This results in more appropriate gain adjustments. Uniquely shaped to the user’s hearing loss configuration, FlexVolume is as simple to use as a standard volume control.

SoundFlow Advanced

Automatically ahead
SoundFlow, the only multi-base blending automatic just got better. Thanks to the increased processing power of the Spice chipset, second-generation SoundFlow now employs a high-definition, multi-dimensional sound classification system. This significantly improves accuracy in identifying the listening environment, which, in turn, enables the precise automatic adaptation of the full range of sound cleaning features.

More Features & Benefits

  • SoundRecover - Add understanding to hearing
  • WhistleBlock - Feedback free hearing
  • Real Ear Sound - Natural sound orientation
  • NoiseBlock Advanced - Comfort in background noise
  • WindBlock - Suppresses wind noise
  • SoundRelax - Eliminat annoying impulse sounds
  • Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) - Minimum occlusion
  • QuickSync - Control both instruments with one touch

The Phonak AccessLine, an impressive collection of wireless accessories, offers outstanding control and connectivity. Enjoying life to the fullest requires the freedom to connect to the world of modern communication.

Phonak ComPilot - Phonak TVLink S

Phonak ComPilot - the all-in-one accessory from Phonak

The Phonak ComPilot brings together the accessibility of wireless connectivity, the convenience of a remote control and introduces for the first time VoiceAlerts all in one simple, attractive device.

This multi-functional device, together with the Phonak TVLink S, turns myriad communication challenges into easily accessible listening delight.

Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control of the Phonak Spice Generation hearing instruments. This exclusive remote control was designed for maximum impact and ease of use. The clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it the most user-friendly remote control ever.


A miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the micro P and SP hearing instruments of the Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia product families.


Design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver

Miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the Phonak Bolero Q-M13, Nios S H2O, Naída S CRT and the M H2O models of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia hearing aids.

More Accessories and FM's

  • ComPilot - the all-in-one accessory from Phonak
  • myPilot - the command center for convenient control and status information
  • iCube - the CableFree Fitting device
  • MyLink+ - Bringing Dynamic FM to T-coil hearing instrument users
  • MLxi - universal FM receiver
  • inspirio - Dynamic FM transmitter for use by teachers
  • SmartLink+ - the Rolls Royce of Dynamic FM transmitters
  • ZoomLink+ - Bringing the sound you want directly to your ears
  • EasyLink+ - Making any conversation easier to follow

Fitting that fits you

Phonak Target™ was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a rewarding fitting experience from start to finish. Hearing care professionals around the world have overwhelmingly confirmed that we successfully met this objective. Now, we are pleased to introduce the next release, Phonak Target™ 2.0, the gateway to the complete Spice Generation Portfolio.

Phonak Target™

The beauty of the new fitting software, Phonak Target™, is that you can go with your flow, rather than follow rigid procedures. Hearing care professionals worldwide helped us develop Phonak Target™. We kept at it until we achieved a combination of fitting sophistication and ease of use. The latest version is Phonak Target™ 3.2.


iPFG is a comprehensive fitting software developed to fit CORE products. It can be used under NOAH or as a stand-alone version. The latest version is iPFG 2.6.

FM SuccessWare

FM Successware was developed using Phonak years of experience in miniaturized FM. It comprises four main modules: frequency management, fine-tuning of FM transmitters and receivers, equipment management with reporting, and a DataLogging FM analyzer. It is also the world’s only FM fitting software program with automatic internet upgrades and links to web-based resources.

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