Phonak Naída

Designed for moderately-severe to profound hearing losses.

Phonak Naída

More Hearing. Slim Design. WaterResistant.

Naída is the innovative offering in the Power segment, designed for moderately-severe to profound hearing losses. All Naída models feature SoundRecover which provides new levels of audibility and clarity, an esthetically appealing design, WaterResistance, and more.

General Features


Naída is the outstanding product line with a broad spectrum of innovations. Naída UltraPower, designed for profound hearing losses, and Naída SuperPower, specially designed for moderately-severe to severe hearing losses. It is based on the newest wireless chip technology from Phonak, CORE, offering CableFree Fitting, QuickSync coordination and the comfort of wireless connectivity. The unique combination of SoundRecover, WhistleBlock Technology, PowerProcessing and BassBoost offers exceptional levels of audibility and clarity. With SoundRecover (non-linear frequency compression) the wearer will hear more high frequency sounds essential for speech understanding. Feedback is effectively suppressed without gain loss, thanks to the new advanced WhistleBlock Technology

Naída offers you, automatically, the highest sound quality, speech understanding and listening comfort in all your hearing situations. High-tech has turned highly sophisticated hearing systems into convenient devices that are easy to use. Naída hearing systems are quality products developed by the Swiss company Phonak, a world leader in hearing technology, innovation and reliability. With proper care and usage, your Naída hearing system will support your hearing and communication needs for many years.

Features & Benefits
Features Description
SoundRecover SoundRecover is an effective way to extend hearing by providing high frequency audibility. This can improve speech understanding and awareness of the sound environment.
WaterResistant Protection – WaterResistance helps to keep humidity and dirt out. This allows the wearer to use their instruments while doing rigorous labor, following a strenuous exercise, being active outdoors in humid climates or even when unexpectedly caught in the rain.
Slim Design Small esthetically appealing and highly ergonomic - At first sight its hard to believe that these beautiful, slender instruments house high power technology. Compared to other high power instruments, their overall volume has been significantly reduced by a maximum of 35%.
EchoBlock Understand better in echoey environments.
SoundRelax Cancelling annoying sounds.
Real Ear Sound Improved Front-to-back localization.
WindBlock Managament SoundRecover is an effective way to extend hearing by providing high frequency audibility. This can improve speech understanding and awareness of the sound environment.
NoiseBlock Processing Comfort in background noise.
SoundFlow Continuous and instant adaptation to all environments.
Directionality Improved Speech intelligibility in noise.
WhistleBlock Technology Effective feedback suppression.
QuickSync Control both instruments with one touch.
Fitting Range

The Naída models are ideally suited for a large variety of audiometric configurations and losses ranging from moderately-severe to profound.

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