Phonak Milo Plus

It accommodates all degrees of hearing loss without user complexity.

Phonak Milo Plus

Milo Plus excels on all the essentials important to hearing aid wearers: It accommodates all degrees of hearing loss without user complexity. Using WhistleBlock technology, it enhances speech clarity and overall communication and provides comfortable listening for all wearers. Finally, Milo Plus represents the quality and reliability synonymous with Phonak at an affordable price.

General Features


Milo Plus offers a complete product line in the basic segment for all hearing losses (mild to profound). Small models like a micro BTE with hook or microtube, BTEs for severe to profound hearing loss as well as custom product models are within this complete range. All product models are based on the proven CORE chip technology and have a well-defined basic range of important features for daily hearing situations, like WhistleBlock Technology, to suppress feedback success - fully without gain loss or artifact. Several manual programs give flexibility in daily life, as well as FM systems, which are available for all products.

Real Phonak quality in the entry level segment

Milo Plus is easy to fit and accommodates virtually all degrees of hearing loss, featuring WhistleBlock Technology, NoiseBlock Processing, Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV), and more.

Milo Plus product family

Milo Plus is available in three behind-the-ear models, including a micro, each with attractive, durable housings. Milo Plus also offers a full range of in-the-ear models. For color ranges see Styles.

Milo Plus fitting range

The Milo Plus models are ideally suited for a large variety of audiometric configurations and losses ranging from mild to profound.

iPFG Fitting Software

Phonak innovations are perfectly complemented by the new iPFG Successware. It gives you access to all the new features and accessories while keeping the process intuitive and straightforward.

Features & Benefits

NoiseBlock Processing

High-resolution noise cancellation - NoiseBlock Processing is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noises. It can recognize the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, removing noise while maintaining audibility.

WhistleBlock Technology

WhistleBlock Technology differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality.

Acoustic Optimized Venting (AOV)

Maximum comfort, minimum occlusion - Occlusion can now be reduced to the lowest level possible. This exclusive, clinically proven Phonak innovation is available in the full range of custom products and styles.

Features Description Milo Plus
Channels Digital multichannel processing 4
BassBoost Extra low frequency gain and output for improvement of subjective loudness perception
Manual programs Manually accessible programs (up to 2 hearing programs plus additional FM and/or T-coil programs) 4
WhistleBlock Technology Advanced feedback phase inverter for additional stable gain without feedback or artifact
Noise canceler Automatic reduction of non-speech sounds NoiseBlock Processing
Directionality Dual microphone system Digital AudioZoom (dAZ)
Venting Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) for custom products and earpieces
FM System Design integrated receivers
Universal receivers

T-coil Magnetic induction coil for use with compatible phones or inductive loop systems
DataLogging Wearing history and user behavior for more effective fitting and follow-up
AudiogramDirect In-situ hearing test conducted via iPFG using the hearing instruments as transducers
Microphone protectors Protection of the microphone(s) from dirt and dust and reduction of annoying wind sounds
Hearing instrument beeps Acoustic confirmation of manual actions and end of battery life
Pediatric accessories Minihook
Tamperproof battery door

FM Solutions

A Phonak FM bridges the gap - When it comes to understanding speech in noise or from a distance, nothing beats the performance of an FM system, that transmits sound directly from source to ear. It consists of an FM microphone (transmitter) and one or two FM receivers. Dynamic FM, is now available in three new transmitters for adults and teenagers: SmartLink+, ZoomLink+ and EasyLink+.

FM Transmitters

Phonak has developed a versatile user friendly range of FM transmitters, for improved speech understanding. Any Phonak transmitter can be used with the MicroLink (ML) receivers.


SmartLink+ is the product for those who want nothing less than the very best.

FM Receivers

Phonak FM receivers are distinguished by their miniaturization, compatibility and flexibility. These FM receivers are not only compatible with Phonak hearing instruments, but also with hearing instruments of most other brands and models on the market.

Milo and Milo Plus offer a design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for all BTE- (ML10i and ML11i) and micro- (ML12i) models. Wearers will benefit from enhanced communication, in many situations.

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