Phonak Dalia

The backbone of the Essential level.

Phonak Dalia

Phonak Dalia is the backbone of the Essential level with a broad range of non-wireless custom and BTE styles. These include the latest Phonak housing innovation, the WaterResistant M H2O. Phonak Dalia ensures maximum choice for cost-sensitive clients.

General Features


Phonak Dalia, with new Spice+ processing, offers a comprehensive range of BTE instruments and custom products for hearing instrument users with mild to profound hearing losses. Users benefit from discreet styles, FM connectivity, flexible control and advanced dual-microphone directionality.

Essential performance with full versatility

Phonak Dalia fitting range

Phonak Dalia fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, all audiometric configurations.


iF Design Award - Phonak hearing aid wins iF product design award 2011

Features & Benefits

A host of proven, high-performance features perfectly complements the revolutionary capabilities of the Phonak Spice Generation. Phonak has it all.

UltraZoom Essential

Thanks to a newly engineered directional algorithm, UltraZoom Essential is one of the best-in-class directional microphone systems on the market today. Manually activated, UltraZoom Essential further improves speech intelligibility in background noise.


Feedback free hearing

Instead of applying the same levels of feedback cancellation for all situations, WhistleBlock uses varying levels of suppression depending on each specific situation.

NoiseBlock Essential

Noise cancellation

NoiseBlock Essential is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noise. It recognizes the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, removing noise while maintaining audibility.

More Features & Benefits

  • Acoustically Optimized Vent (AOV) - Minimum occlusion
FM Solutions

A Phonak FM bridges the gap - When it comes to understanding speech in noise or from a distance, nothing beats the performance of a Phonak Dynamic FM system. This consists of a Dynamic FM transmitter microphone and one or two FM receivers, which slot discretely under the hearing instruments. The parent, caregiver or teacher simply speaks into the transmitter microphone and Dynamic FM brings their words directly to the listener’s ears, ensuring every word is heard.

FM Receivers

Phonak Dynamic FM receivers offer industry-leading sound performance and features, while design-integrated receivers ensure the hearing instrument’s smooth shape and clean lines are retained.


A miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the micro P and SP hearing instruments of the Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia product families.


Design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver

Miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the Phonak Bolero Q-M13, Nios S H2O, Naída S CRT and the M H2O models of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia hearing aids.

FM Transmitters

Phonak Dynamic FM wireless transmitter microphones offer adults, children and teachers industry-leading sound quality and unrivalled features.

More FM Solutions

  • MyLink+ - Bringing FM to T-coil hearing instrument users
  • MLxi - universal FM receiver
  • inspirio - Dynamic FM transmitter for use by teachers
  • SmartLink+ - the Rolls Royce of Dynamic FM transmitters
  • ZoomLink+ - Bringing the sound you want directly to your ears
  • EasyLink+ - Making any conversation easier to follow

Phonak continuously improves the way hearing instruments are fit. Our hearing solutions are complemented by comprehensive fitting hardware and software.

Phonak Target™

Fitting that fits you

Hearing care professionals worldwide helped us develop and perfect Phonak Target™. We kept at it until we achieved the ideal combination of fitting sophistication and ease of use. Prepare to be delighted!


NOAHlink is based on Bluetooth Technology to fit the hearing instruments of today and the future. Compared to the classic HI-PRO it has fast data communication and a high rate of data transfer. This leads to a fast fitting process which is a big advantage when programming hearing instruments that have lots of program features with large amounts of data to be transferred.