Phonak Audéo MINI

For clients for whom size and cosmetics are the main issues.

Phonak Audéo MINI

More Hearing. Small Size. Easy Use.

Audéo MINI, the smallest Phonak ever, is for clients for whom size and cosmetics are the main issues: it’s so tiny and automatic they can just wear it and forget it. Audéo MINI features SoundRecover for providing audibility of high frequencies, VoiceZoom for improved speech intelligibility, SoundFlow and more. Audéo MINI was awarded with "red dot design award 2010" for its quality of design and the high innovation degree in the Audéo MINI hearing system. It disappears completely behind the ear while offering maximum performance.

General Features


Small and easy, Audéo MINI is designed for hearing instrument users with mild to severe hearing losses. Audéo MINI offers industry leading CORE Performance features including SoundRecover. Audéo MINI is available in three performance/price levels, has a choice of standard or power receiver and a range of dome and tip options.

Features & Benefits

The shape of the stylish new Audéo MINI housing optimizes the performance of state-of-the-art directional beamforming technology, thereby improving speech clarity and reducing background noise for best possible understanding – even in challenging listening situations. The astonishingly small Audéo MINI sounds great, looks great and is very easy to handle.

More Hearing: SoundRecover is the only effective way to extend hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible. Audibility of the full spectrum of sounds improves speech understanding, awareness of the sound environment and listening pleasure.

Smallest Size: Audéo MINI is the smallest Phonak ever. It is virtually invisible when worn, yet impressively stylish when shown. Audéo MINI will please your clients with its size, shape and wide range of attractive colors. What’s more, Audéo MINI is featherlight for maximum wearing comfort.

Easy Use: Audéo MINI is very easy to handle and fully automatic. Thanks to SoundFlow, there’s no need for manual controls. Integrating comfort- and clarity-enhancing features into a program optimized for each unique listening situation, SoundFlow seamlessly adapts to the ever-changing environment. It is so tiny and automatic, your clients can just wear it and forget it.

SoundFlow Premium Advanced Standard
WhistleBlock Technology
Directionality VoiceZoom
(33 channels)
(12 channels)
digital AudioZoom
Real Ear Sound
EchoBlock System
WindBlock Management
20 channels 16 channels 6 channels
Fitting Range

Audéo MINI offers a wide fitting range with two external receivers: Standard CRT receiver for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses and Power CRT receiver for moderate to severe hearing losses.

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